May 24, 2019

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Jobs for the Modern Journalist. By Stephanie Cubias

What is AlumKnights?

AlumKnights magazine is created as a part of the Rutgers University course Media Publishing and Design. Approximately 20 students take the course each year. To complete the course, each student writes several drafts of an article about the Journalism and Media Studies Department, and learns how to use Adobe InDesign® and WordPress. Questions or concerns should be sent to the course instructor.

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Photo Credit Nat Clymer

Altering Perspectives

In an era of selfies and snapshots, photography seems deceptively easy. What people often forget is that true photographers incorporate meaning in every little detail of their work. Good photos have a purpose that a

No Picture

Livingston alumni honor Roger Cohen

Livingston Alumni Association honored J/MS Professor Emeritus Roger Cohen this fall when it gave him the Livingston Legacy award for his role in “strengthening the college’s mission.” Cohen, Rutgers College ’65, was a radio journalist