Recent grad finds passion in London art world

By Jordan Daniel —

“Jersey roots, global reach” is more than the slogan of Rutgers when it comes to alumna Samantha Breuer, J/MS 2011. She’s made her home in London as an art gallery assistant at the prestigious Marlborough Fine Art and heads Rutgers University Alumni Association’s club across the pond.

As a gallery assistant she moves art from seller to buyer, writes press releases, organizes events and sells art.

Samatha Breuer works as a gallery assistant in London. Photo provided by Samantha Breuer
Samatha Breuer works as a gallery assistant in London. Photo provided by Samantha Breuer

She quips, “I do everything behind the scenes.”

Breuer works in the contemporary division of the gallery, which houses pieces created only as far back as 1960. Marlborough Contemporary, the latest addition to the Marlborough group of galleries, opened in October 2012 with a commitment to working with cutting-edge art of the 21st century,

Breuer said she fell into gallery work while searching for a J/MS internship in magazine layout, her original interest. When that didn’t pan out, she began looking for any internships at all and found one at Marlborough Fine Art in New York.

Breuer worked there both her junior and senior years. She was a double major in J/MS and Visual Arts with an Art History minor, all while balancing extra curricular activities such as Hillel, the university tour guides Scarlet Ambassadors, and being a member of the Delta Gamma sorority.

When graduation rolled around and Breuer had no job lined up, she was left wondering “what to do now” and decided to make the simple choice: “I moved to London and got my master’s.”

While writing her thesis at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Breuer decided to intern again for Marlborough in London. She was planning to return to the states when the internship ended, but her supervisor surprised her.

“He told me, ‘Stay, I’ll sponsor you.’” Then with a laugh she mentions HBO’s hit show “Girls.”

“He said, ‘So I was watching ‘Girls’ last night, and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I want to invest in you.’”

The gallery’s “investment” has been extremely satisfying for Breuer, who loves her fast-paced job and feels comfortable with British living.

But thoughts of home led her to join the Rutgers Club of London, one of the alumni association’s dozens of regional clubs. Breuer’s upbeat attitude soon led to her naming as club president for the UK. As president she organizes get-togethers and football (real American football) viewings, among other events, which she attempts to get the 85 Rutgers alumni in the UK to attend.

“We usually have between five and 10 people show up,” she reported, “not a bad turnout.”

Her dedication to and appreciation for Rutgers are evident in everything from her Rutgers wear during the FaceTime interview to how highly she speaks of J/MS classes like Editing and Design with Professor Susan Keith and the public relations class she took with Professor Liz Fuerst.

Calling lessons from those classes “invaluable,” she encouraged today’s majors to really appreciate their classes because college, she noted, is an “absolute asset.”