Graduate handles top names in music

Patrizia Di Maria, right, with ex-intern (now director) Lauren Quinn, a 2001 grad, producing the Lady Gaga show. Photo provided by Patrizia Di Maria
Patrizia Di Maria, right, with ex-intern (now director) Lauren Quinn, a 2001 grad, producing the Lady Gaga show. Photo provided by Patrizia Di Maria

By Sylvia Meredith

When Lady Gaga took the stage at the South by Southwest music festival and conference in Austin, Texas, in March, producing her concert was Patrizia DiMaria, J/MS 1998, a nationally recognized producer for music-related events.

South by Southwest is one of the largest music industry events in the world, and it is fitting that Di Maria was behind one of its most exciting acts. Her new company, Lady Pants Productions, takes live music and awards shows from ideation to delivery. It is already getting known for its creativity and attention to detail.

After a long and impressive resume of working with multiple television productions, Di Maria said she has successfully accomplished her dream of her very own production company. Lady Pants Productions was launched in September 2013, and its first job was the impressive, multi-million dollar televised event “VH1 You Oughta Know in Concert.”

Di Maria also produced the Vitaminwater company’s much heralded concert in Boring, Oregon, that featured Damien Dante Wayans, the comedian; and musical acts, such as Santigold. The concert tied in with Vitaminwater’s “Make Boring Brilliant” marketing campaign. Boring is a little town about half an hour away from the bustle of Portland.

From a very early age, Di Maria knew she was interested in writing and the arts. During her years at Rutgers she remained focused by solely working and interning, while working hard on her academics.

She noted, “Steve Miller allowed me the experiences of internships, where I learned what area I wanted to pursue.”

Professor Miller recommended her to intern under a former Rutgers grad, Amy Turco, for the live events team at VH1 in the spring semester of 1998.

After an exciting internship at VH1, she formed a career goal: to become a producer. Di Maria was fortunate enough to get hired at VH1 after her graduation. After working her way up to executive producer of live events and original programming, she left in 2010 to join Viacom as vice president of production in Special Events.

In 2012, she was recruited by the Madison Square Garden/FuseNetwork and worked there for a few years, when she decided to create her own company.

Jumping from Los Angeles, where Lady Pants Production is located, to New York, Di Maria is always on the go, tackling new and exciting endeavors. Along her career path she has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, The Who, Beyonce and Green Day, just to name a few. She has produced countless events such as “VH1 Storyteller” and “Divas” for VH1, as well as live red carpets for the Grammys and Critics’ Choice Awards. She also produced internationally in 2007 for the Concert For Diana at Wembley Stadium in London.

The Austin, TX, Lady Gaga show she produced was a joint venture with Fuse and Doritos. Check it out on Twitter at #boldstage. Di Maria is also producing a show in Cannes, France, a week long media event called Cannes Liones. This is her third year producing this event on the behalf of Viacom.

Part of the event includes a dinner at a 15th-century chateau with a performance afterward. In 2013, the performer was Jen­n­­ifer Hudson. However, this year’s is confidential at the moment.

Although Lady Pants is still very new, Di Maria says she is “starting to create memories.”

She added, “Who knows where it will take me? What I do know is I will enjoy the journey.”