’15 Rachel Bernstein

Rachel Bernstein, a 2015 Journalism and Media studies graduate, has joined the Rutgers Institute for Women’s Leadership coordinating workshops and events as the Program Coordinator for the Alison R. Bernstein Media Mentors Program. The Institute for Women’s Leadership 9-unit consortium uses its role as a catalyst and incubator for innovative programs that focus on linking theory and practice in fields such as health, media and technology, and philanthropy in the nonprofit sector, while continuing to build interdisciplinary leadership education opportunities that deepen understanding of critical issues affecting women. This is Bernstein’s second year running the program, and she is currently organizing a symposium titled, “The New Normal? Women, Media, and Politics,” which will be fundraising for the Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies. The establishment of this chair will take the support of foundations, Steinem’s many friends and colleagues, and Rutgers alumni who have an interest in advancing the chair’s unique research and educational initiatives that are provided by the Institute for Women’s Leadership.

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