’06 Brooke Katz

After graduating with high honors in the JMS track Broadcast News and Reporting, Katz started her professional career in Kentucky as a morning anchor and traffic reporter. Last May she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to work as a morning anchor at WCNC. She was promoted within a year of arriving at the station. At WCNC Katz is responsible for the entire life of a news story: coming up with story ideas, writing and reading stories, story placement, as well as the overall look of the newscast. Katz still uses the advice she received from Rutgers Director of Undergraduate Studies, Steve Miller. “Never say no to an opportunity,” he said, “You don’t know where it’s going to lead you.” Katz is also active on social media with more than 7,000 followers between her Instagram and Twitter pages. In her downtime she teaches aerobics, her hobby since high school.

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