Marketing to Millennials

Rachel Ehrenberg is sitting on a bench inside the School of Communication and Information. She adjusts her blazer and quickly taps her heels on the ground. Mumbling under her breath, she recalls key points. Today,


AlumNotes: 2018 Edition

1985 Thomas Costello celebrated 30 years with the Asbury Park Press this February. He is a visual journalist integrating still photography, video, live-streaming, and 360-video. He often works long hours dert köşesi canlı dert köşesi


AlumNotes: 2017 Edition

’13 Kelly Velocci Velocci works as the associate managing editor at Cottages & Gardens Publications. She started as an editorial intern for the organization during her last semester at Rutgers. Rising in rank since then,

Photo by Louis Harned.

Fit for Branding

In a Brooklyn dance studio, Selena Watkins travels across the room to Caribbean music, with a bandana in one hand and sweat glistening from her body. In her class, Socanomics, 25 students are behind her,

Reilly enjoys a cocktail at Mother’s Ruin, a bar, in New York City. Photo credit: Deanna DiLandro

Calling the Shots

Sitting in the back corner of a bustling, candlelit bar in SoHo, Manhattan, 22-year-old Rutgers alumna Laura Reilly sips from a fruity alcoholic beverage at a table with two of her coworkers after work. They

Photo Credit Nat Clymer

Altering Perspectives

In an era of selfies and snapshots, photography seems deceptively easy. What people often forget is that true photographers incorporate meaning in every little detail of their work. Good photos have a purpose that a