Reporting from Bologna

For the second summer in a row, SC&I’s Department of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) is giving students the opportunity to enhance their reporting and writing skills by studying abroad in Bologna, Italy. This unique

Faculty and students work on an NJ Spark project. Photo credit: Kenneth Kurtulick

Sparking Change in New Jersey

New Brunswick activists are getting the messages out, with the help of JMS students. Together, they’re creating awareness campaigns about all kinds of causes, including wage theft for undocumented workers, sexual assault, and mental health.


From SNL to the White House

The current era of American politics is extremely unpredictable. All three branches of government are subject to volatile circumstances. But for reporters like Rich Edson, a Washington Correspondent for FOX News, the erratic nature of


Marketing to Millennials

Rachel Ehrenberg is sitting on a bench inside the School of Communication and Information. She adjusts her blazer and quickly taps her heels on the ground. Mumbling under her breath, she recalls key points. Today,

Photo by Louis Harned.

Fit for Branding

In a Brooklyn dance studio, Selena Watkins travels across the room to Caribbean music, with a bandana in one hand and sweat glistening from her body. In her class, Socanomics, 25 students are behind her,

Reilly enjoys a cocktail at Mother’s Ruin, a bar, in New York City. Photo credit: Deanna DiLandro

Calling the Shots

Sitting in the back corner of a bustling, candlelit bar in SoHo, Manhattan, 22-year-old Rutgers alumna Laura Reilly sips from a fruity alcoholic beverage at a table with two of her coworkers after work. They