From ‘princess’ to PR: Grad lands dream job

Victoria Natenzon

By Satinder Kaur Bawa—

Victoria Natenzon, who graduated J/MS in January, dreamed of being a princess as a child. But today, she does something she loves even more.

She works as a beauty account coordinator at Alison Brod Public Relations (ABPR), a top PR agency located in Manhattan that specializes in beauty, lifestyle and fashion. Some of its clients are Estēe Lauder, Godiva, and L’Oréal.

Natenzon writes news releases, keeps track of placements, responds to emails and does other related administrative work.

“One day I can be sitting at my computer all day, and the next I can be working the door at Fashion Week,” Natenzon said.

Before being hired for the full-time position at ABPR, Natenzon was an intern at Teen Vogue. Later, through the help of a colleague at Teen Vogue and Liz Fuerst, her J/MS public relations professor, she landed a summer internship at ABPR.

“I worked really hard as an intern and was hired when there was an opening,” Natenzon said. She actually started work last fall, a few months before she graduated. J/MS administrators helped her structure her schedule so she could work full time and finish up her coursework.

As a beauty account coordinator, Natenzon said she uses all the skills and techniques she learned from the J/MS program.

“Punctuation, grammar and proper spelling are very important,” Natenzon said. “It is important to know the way that you write a press release and use AP style. It is very important to understand the way that the industry works.”

As an undergraduate, her favorite class was Public Information and Public Relations, which was the reason why she considered a career in PR in the first place, said Natenzon.

When she first started at Rutgers, Natenzon wanted to study art history. She decided to go for a J/MS degree as it seemed more practical as a major and made her parents happy.

When she wasn’t attending classes, she helped debut the Rutgers lifestyle publication TRIM Magazine, planned the Masquerade Ball as part of the Zimmerli Art Museum Student Advisory Board, and participated in Rutgers Art History Student Association.

Working at ABPR allows her to explore the city.

“I made a pact with myself not to eat at the same restaurant twice, unless I am showing it off to someone,” Natenzon said.

Natenzon is happy to enter the real world and work.

“I love my company, I love the people and I love the industry,” Natenzon said.