J/MS ’01 graduate becomes a hi-tech public-relations specialist

Jennifer Carmella does international public relations for a New Jersey semi-conductor firm.

By Jessica Jutkiewicz—

You never know who you are going to meet in a J/MS class.

Jennifer Carmella, J/MS 2001, landed her first job with The Marcus Group (TMG) in Little Falls after the president of the public and government relations firm, Alan Marcus, came to speak at her public relations class.

“I went right up to him and asked if I could send him my resume,” said Carmella. “He liked my tenacity and gave me the job after the first interview.”

Today Carmella is senior communications specialist with ANADIGICS in Warren, a global semi-conductor company that designs and manufactures small parts for wireless and wireless broadband products that are placed in cell phones, tablets and cable television base stations.

She has been there for five and half years. Carmella’s duties involve managing the company’s five to six trade shows and sales conferences and working with its outside public relations agency on graphics, press releases, website, branding, advertising, and social media.

Carmella is fortunate enough to have job that allows her to travel. She has been to Barcelona the last four years for Mobile World Congress, the largest electronic/technology trade show in Europe.

“In 2010, I traveled to Taipei, Taiwan for a Wireless Infrastructure show that was truly an experience I will never forget,” said Carmella.

Her first post with The Marcus Group prepared Carmella for the high-powered public relations position she has today. At TMG, she was an account executive in charge of creating proposals, press releases and media lists. After TMG, Carmella was given the opportunity to move to the firm’s lobbying group in Trenton, located across from the State House. She served as a legislative assistant, where she attended bi-weekly Senate and Assembly Committee meetings and governors’ press conferences, then submitted reports on those meetings.

“It was interesting to see history being made,” said Carmella.

Carmella moved on to a position in public relations and event management at the non-profit Spina Bifida Association of the Tri-State Region before going to ANADIGICS.

Her Rutgers experiences remain among the best of her life, said Carmella. She worked for the Daily Targum’s advertising department, was a fencer for a short time, and served on the Douglass Activities Board.

“I am extremely proud of my time at Rutgers, especially my time at J/MS,” said Carmella. “My professors were top notch, and to this day we keep in touch.”

Carmella’s education didn’t stop with her undergraduate degree. This past July she received a mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from the Rutgers Center for Management Development.

“Digital marketing is very important in corporate communications, and I wanted to get the best knowledge possible from amazing professors at Rutgers,” said Carmella.

Carmella currently lives in High Bridge with her 7-year-old son.