October 19, 2018
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    From SNL to the White House

    The current era of American politics is extremely unpredictable. All three branches of government are subject to volatile circumstances. But for reporters like Rich ...
  • 2018

    Next Stop: the Big Screen

    Long before the short film he wrote and starred in, “Page One,” debuted in film festivals, Tarik Davis was covering games for the Newark ...
  • 2018

    Marketing to Millennials

    Rachel Ehrenberg is sitting on a bench inside the School of Communication and Information. She adjusts her blazer and quickly taps her heels on ...

In the Spotlight

Jobs for the Modern Journalist. By Stephanie Cubias

What is AlumKnights?

AlumKnights magazine is created as a part of the Rutgers University course Media Publishing and Design. Approximately 20 students take the course each year. To complete the course, each student writes several drafts of an article about the Journalism and Media Studies Department, and learns how to use Adobe InDesign® and WordPress. Questions or concerns should be sent to the course instructor.

From the Archives

PhotoCredit: The Recording Academy

Composing in the Classroom

He looks like a figure from the world of jazz. The black leather blazer sets the tone as he steps into a campus café. Glen-plaid pants blended with the colors of a pinkish sunset accentuate

Reilly enjoys a cocktail at Mother’s Ruin, a bar, in New York City. Photo credit: Deanna DiLandro

Calling the Shots

Sitting in the back corner of a bustling, candlelit bar in SoHo, Manhattan, 22-year-old Rutgers alumna Laura Reilly sips from a fruity alcoholic beverage at a table with two of her coworkers after work. They