The printed version of the publication, circa 2012.
The printed version of the publication, circa 2012.

AlumKnights magazine is created as a part of the Rutgers University course Media Publishing and Design. Approximately 20 students take the course each year. To complete the course, each student writes several drafts of an article about the Journalism and Media Studies Department, and learns how to use Adobe InDesign®, Adobe Photoshop® and WordPress.

The publication started as part of the JMS curriculum in the early 1980s. Using propriety software and traditional typesetting equipment, the first AlumKnights was called “The Reporter,” and, then as now, was written and laid out by undergraduate Journalism majors.

In the early 1990s, Alum-Knights was re-envisioned under the direction of Ron Miskoff and Elizabeth Fuerst as an 11×17-inch tabloid publication printed on white offset paper and mailed to about 3,000 alumni and friends of J/MS.

Today, the publication primarily appears online. If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Rachel Kremen at

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